Door to Door FAQs




Is this service only to Mumbai and Delhi or to other cities as well?

The service is to most cities in India. Check with us for a listing of cities we offer a service to.

Is this price the same for all destinations in India?

The price of $160 + 20% fuel surcharge applies to most cities in India. However for inland and hard to reach destinations a delivery surcharge will apply.

Are there any charges that we will have to pay at destination?

Our door deliver costs are all inclusive, except for duties and taxes (if any). Should these be charged the same will be billed either to you or the consignee as per the Indian Customs receipt.

Do you offer a Daily service from Toronto?

We offer this service on a weekly basis. Cargo is handed over to the airline on Friday afternoon to travel on the weekend flight. Arrival to final destination will be after 4-5 days to most cities. Inland destinations will take a few days more.

When is the latest we can hand over cargo to your office?

We accept cargo up to Thursday 4:00 p.m. for that week. Cargo received after that cut off will be sent on the following weeks flight.

What are the documents required for booking a shipment on a door to door basis?

We will require the following:

  • Proof of identification (copy of Drivers license or Passsport etc..)
  • Detailed packing list with values for each item

Do I need to be present when handing the cargo in Toronto?

We would prefer if you were present when handing over cargo in Toronto, as there are forms to be filled and payments to be made. We will also need some official proof of identification (copy of Drivers license or Passsport etc..)

Do you accept payment by Credit Card or Cheque?

We presently accept payment by cash or certified cheque.

Can I consign a suitcase to my relative in India?

Yes you can send a suitcase consigned to someone other than yourself, and the shipment will be treated as a GIFT item.

Are there any limitations to the size or the weight of the suitcases / carton?

Each box / standard suitcase should not exceed 20 kgs. The value of the contents should not exceed $350.

We offer cartons measuring 18”x18”x18” at a cost of $3.50

What if I have more questions.

Please feel free to contact us at baggage(@) OR call us @ 647 847 3187.

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With the Blue Arrow Cargo “Door to Door” service, you can have your bags delivered to your home in India for as low as CAD 160 + 20% fuel surcharge. Call 647 847 3187 for more information